Friday, August 13, 2010


Those of you who listen to Ira Flatow's "Science Friday" on a regular basis know how good the show can be.
Tonight was especially good
as Ira had as guests, Mark Perry of Nissan and Tony Posawatz of GM. Both talked of the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt respectively.

I urge you all to listen to this show. Intelligent questions were asked by Ira, along with several callers, and both Mark and Tony were spot on with their answers.

Best of all, they were collaborative.

Each car represents a different market niche, and both are needed. Twenty years from now, virtually all vehicles sold will be either fully-electric or some variation of plug-in hybrid.

Rather than trying to one up each other, they spoke of the relative merits of each car. I detected mutual admiration from both parties since they seemed to understand that this is more about electricity vs. gas than Nissan vs. GM.

The sleek Leaf knifes through the air.

The Volt holds Bruce Tucker's upright bass with room to spare.


  1. Thank you Paul,
    as always, great information and i've heard of this talk show, I will definitly start to give it a listen. Colaborations is what it's all about. Really nice to hear that's truly taking place on many levels, now. Keep up the great work. Sara and I miss you, friend.

  2. Yes, I'll check this out too. Thanks being such a constant and positive source of information.

  3. I was actually pretty disappointed in the "expert" guest from the IEEE, who should know better about so many things, including the many reasons besides government mandates that we're moving to get vehicles off fossil fuels; and about the reduced carbon footprint of electric miles vs. gasoline miles on the national (50% coal) power grid.

    By the way, the transcript for the broadcast is at

    -- Felix Kramer, Founder,

  4. Felix - you're absolutely right, but I liked that he was in there since Perry and Posawatz sounded even better by comparison.

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  6. Volt OR Leaf??? The real situation is going to to be that those of us who want desperately to own *either* of these things are going to have a very hard time getting hold of *either* of them at something close to sticker price -- and then may have to travel across several state lines.

  7. I can't speak for the Volt, but the Leaf will sell for sticker price and many of the dealers we've talked to. I put out the word a few months ago for people to call their local Nissan dealers and ask if they would commit to selling at MSRP. I'm creating a list that Plug In America will publish as we get closer to the December roll out that will identify these dealers. If your dealer charges a mark up, you can always take your business to one that doesn't.

    I encourage people to ask the GM/Chevy dealers the same question.

  8. I listen that show Science Friday on regular basis. And this time I is going to be more interested as era had as guests.

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  10. Hmm nice post Paul Scott, it's was really interesting show for EV followers, "Volt or Leaf ?" if it is the question my answer is non of them, because non of them could achieve the average cost per mile or return on investment with in 5yrs and even if we consider battery pollution, electric grid pollution into calculation those nor a bad or good choice,
    if hybrid market need to be succeded then we need to reduce cost of vehicle and average cost per mile and return on investment time and also reduce the carbon emissions near to ground zero
    Hope this development and competition very soon bring us that type of vehicle.

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