Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Carbon Nation"

I saw an important documentary today called, "Carbon Nation". Director, Peter Byck, did a terrific job of explaining the problem in the first 15 minutes, that of too much CO2 and other global warming gasses being emitted into the atmosphere. This part won't convince your typical hard-core denier, but it's compelling to any rational person.

The rest of the film consists of a series of interviews with committed people who are tackling various aspects of energy from all angles. You come away energized to act, because you know how serious the problem is, but more importantly, you have just seen a lot of people having significant effect on their part of the problem. They give you all kinds of great ideas how you can help.

You meet a one-armed Texan who organized his local area farmers into building the world's largest wind energy cooperative, a military strategist making huge gains in reducing military energy waste, Van Jones, The Man when it comes to creating green jobs for those who need them most.

Our good friends, Jim Woolsey and Ed Kjaer expound on global security and utility side solutions respectively. There are many more, and every one of them is making real gains against this massive problem.

There are some poignant moments between some of these people and their fathers. It's almost as if these elders were taking the place of Mother Earth in that their progeny, all too aware of the dangers to their planet, were trying to save them from death. The severity of the issue compels an all out effort.

Peter drove home the point that we have to "PUT A PRICE ON CARBON" (my shouting). This is the most important take away from the film. Without it, we make scant progress.

I was disappointed there was no mention of population. In the Q&A, Peter said they really wanted to discuss it, but to do it justice would have taken too much time. I understand, but in every discussion on this subject, we need to always bring it up.

Watch the terrific trailer here and take action of your own by seeing this movie in a theater if you can. If not, their website has a button for arranging your own screening. Invite some friends over, or better, get your local middle school and high school to show all the kids. That's where we make some progress.

From their website:

How you can help Carbon Nation...
We are thankful for all the support you have shown over the past few years and thrilled that our movie opens in theaters this February.

Many of you have asked how you can help promote Carbon Nation.

We have the perfect solution - organize a group to go see the film opening weekend in your city! You can buy tickets for your employees, sponsor a local youth group or religious group, or buy tickets for your child's class or school! If you can organize a group to go see the film on opening weekend in your city it will help get the word out about our optimistic and solutions based film. All you have to do is email and she will facilitate your group purchase with the theatre from start to finish.

Here is our schedule – the film will run for a week in each city:
2/10/11 - Premiere - New York, NY– Film Society of Lincoln Center
2/11/11 - New York, NY– Cinema Village
2/18/11 - Los Angeles, CA - Laemmle Sunset 5 Theatre
2/25/11 – Austin, TX – Regal Arbor Cinema
3/4/11 – Portland, OR – Regal Fox Tower Stadium
3/4/11 – Seattle, WA – SIFF Cinema
3/11/11 - San Francisco, CA - Landmark Opera Plaza Cinema


  1. Really looking forward to seeing this film but very frustrated that we rarely get these kinds of films in San Jose/Silicon Valley.
    Looks like Gasland might be up for an Oscar. That would bring huge visibility to the Dick Chenny imposed pollution gift that just keeps on giving.... carcinogenic water from coast to coast!

  2. Get Michael Moore involved - to circulate this info to his list if he hasn't already! Also re YouTube (et al.) showings of "Who Killed the Electric Car". thanks for your knowledge and activism, Paul Scott!

  3. Provocateur - the best way to get this film in your town is to identify the most likely art house theater that would show it, and organize your friends to call that theater and ask for it. It usually doesn't take too many calls for the theater to book the film. Then, make sure you get your friends to go on opening night. This is crucial. Absent this solution, wait for the DVD and hold your own screening.

    Juliannayoga - Michael Moore could really help. I urge every one to send this blog to him. His assistance would be quite valuable in the promotion of this film.

  4. occasionally, IF you are open-minded, you should try to consider the other side of a story:

    written by a retired university professor PhD

  5. I am open minded. I did check out your link to the article written by a mechanical engineer, and it lacked any logic whatsoever, not to mention the fact that this guy knows nothing about biology or meteorology. There's still flat-earthers out there too. You should hook up with them as you have a LOT in common. I'll stick with the REAL scientists and their worldwide liberal conspiracy to steal our freedom to be stupid.

  6. name the top four GHGs in order of their affects on climate

  7. It should be shown regularly in every elementary school, middle school, high school, all colleges, and at corporations and businesses, broken up into small parts if necessary. I hope it gets on TV asap, and is shown on every channel often. It makes the problem and solutions crystal clear and quite simple. I left the screening more hopeful about this situation than I have felt in several years.

  8. It should also be shown immediately in all business schools, since the film contains so much information with regard to microbusiness entreprenurial enterprise, which is how the desired changes will happen. There is a lot of money to be made, and the film provides the particulars.

  9. For anybody who missed the chance to see the film or would like to host their own showing of CARBON NATION, please contact Ben Dorf from CrowdStarter ( We'd be happy to help you organize a screening of the film in your community!

  10. military vets and intelligence officers promoting alternatives to oil.

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