Thursday, March 25, 2010

Volt may be ahead of schedule

Jim Motavalli reports on BNET that the first production models of GM's Chevy Volt are close to rolling off the Hamtramck assembly line in Detroit. No specific date was given, nor did the story say whether the cars would go on sale sooner than the oft-stated November time line. However, it's becoming clear that GM has been aggressively pushing their EV team to be the first major OEM to release a plug-in car to the public to get ahead of the competition.

Nissan is scheduled to bring their 100% electric Leaf to market by December. The battle for market share between the plug-in hybrid vs. pure battery electric will commence shortly.

Photo is of the battery pack being installed at the Hamtamck assembly plant.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what happens when the pure plug-ins get to market. I bet they'll have to ramp up productions.

  2. I'm with you, Anonymous; I want one too! I haven't had a GM car since the Vega I had as a kid -- for the obvious reason that historically, they've been absolutely terrible products. But I'm ready to put all that behind me, grab my checkbook, and buy a Volt the very minute it becomes available.

  3. I want one too, but I am not as gracious about the years of substandard everything that Detroit foisted on the driving public! I need to see, feel and touch before my hard earned cash will part company with me. If the interior design and fit and finish are the same GM cheese as before then I will still hold out for what I really want which is a Tesla S sedan.


  4. Craig, funny you mentioned a Vega. I believe that was my last Chevy as well. Mine was a '72 with a '74 Cosworth engine replacement, a pair of 2bbl weber's on a custom manifold, shift kit, Firestone Wide O Ovals, and a customized open mouth grille like the '71 Camaro.

    Will be interesting to see if there will be 'chips' available for these new rigs to enable us to add dump capacitors and thyristors for bump acceleration... which is to say, I would love to support Chevy, and agree with everyone else's comments about cheese, quality and the like. It's time for the US of A to step up to the plate and hit a Homer - as opposed to a Hummer.