Monday, January 4, 2010

The first of a new wave in EV adverts

Renault, the French partner to Japan's Nissan, has produced the first ad of what will become a steadily growing genre depicting the benefits of driving on electricity. (Be sure to click on the 3rd little square in the lower right corner of the site for the full spot)

I've been saying for years that once the creatives at the ad agencies get the chance to develop marketing and advertising campaigns for EVs, we'll see them comparing and contrasting this clean technology with the dirty fuels. This ad does that in a very soft and subtle manner, although this line implies the stakes are serious: "Does enjoyment for some have to cost the lives of others?"

Oh, and watch for the nod to Renault's sister company, Nissan, toward the end when the little boy watches the "leaf" fly by.



  1. Is this the right video? Didn't see a little boy watching a leaf fly by...

  2. The leaf occurred in the final scene, followed by the still of the boy's face... I caught it, and it was a prolonged sublety. Nice notice and good catch, Paul...

  3. Whoa - that's a different video than the one that was up 20 minutes ago! :-)

  4. the Leaf is at 1 min 47 and 1 min 48

  5. Sorry about that, I am new at this, but am getting good help to fix it. Should be right now.

  6. Very nice. Much more main-stream feeling.
    Maybe we are at the point where we finally don't have to advertise EVs as goofy and strange. Just the evolution of the car.
    Can't wait for the competition to begin.

  7. 814 days?! That 2 years, 2 months and 3 weeks. Dang that's a long wait. And THEN I have to wait another few years until I can hope to get one used (read "affordable"). Dang!

  8. Is that a Tesla they slam at 0:58?

  9. The Renault EV commercial has been broadcast on TV in the UK a few times. Many people have asked me about it. The EV is clearly going to arrive big time in 2010.

  10. Yes, I've always said that the ad agencies were going to a Field Day with the messaging, positioning against gasoline. Thanks, Paul.

  11. Yes this is the right video. The little boy watching out the window there is a reflection of a Leaf automobile driving by.

  12. That's a 2 minute spot. Imagine the cost to produce and run it.

    Only multi-billion dollar corporations will have the resources to compete. They will only pursue it if they can recoup their investments and profit.

    I don't believe the free market model that champions resource and labor exploitation, the essence of unsustainability, will provide equitable solutions. It's not their mission. Shareholder return is their mission.

    I'm discouraged.

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